A Chestful of Bullets

Project Summary

After making a few commercial productions and sacrificing all the creative projects we personally wanted to make, we decided we wanted to make something quick, easy, and fun.  We really enjoy the western genre, and thought it would be fun to throw our own spin on it and set it in modern times.

Of course, we wanted it to be a comedy / satire, but not sacrifice the bad-ass moments that are so frequent in westerns.  So, we wrote an episode in a few hours, and shot the whole thing in a day on a budget of zero dollars.  I directed and shot the whole thing, with everyone helping out on sound and lights whenever they weren’t in a shot.

We got together a few musicians and Chris wrote the general theme of A Chestful of Bullets, and we let the musicians improvise off of that theme.  I recorded it, mixed and mastered it, and it went on to the film.

In typical fashion for us, we ended up spending a lot more time on the project that we originally wanted to.  This almost always happens to us in post production.  We spent a good amount of time on the sound design, putting little cues and sweeteners everywhere we could.

When it was done, we watched it and then shelved it.  One year later, we revisited it and decided we’d like to go ahead and finish the trilogy we planned and lengthen the first episode.  We’re currently writing episode 2 and 3 as ReelGood Productions’ next strictly creative project.