A Study of Boundaries

Project Summary

Back before I founded ReelGood Productions, I worked with Tim Finn, a great friend and a good filmmaker.  While we were still broke college students, we got together one day to try out Finn’s new Canon 7D.  I had shot on a 7D before but I never had the opportunity to play with one thing that has always fascinated me, high speed video.

Though the Canon 7D can only shoot 60fps at 720p, it was more than enough for us at the time.  We decided to conduct a study of boundaries and see what the camera could do, what our friend could do, and what my newly won laptop could do.  So, we headed down to one of the local skate parks, called a friend, and filmed him do his thing.

We shot for an hour and called it a day, as we were losing too much light to keep the shutter speed high enough to get a clean enough image to interpolate the frames in After Effects later on.  We slapped the video together on an HP laptop I had won in a contest where you made a commercial for HP.  Even though it was new, this video pushed that computer to it’s boundaries, and eventually contributed to the laptop dying from overheating too many times.

Regardless, what started off as a quick test ended up being a pretty comprehensive and successful video.