Bremer Family Winery

Project Summary

The Bremer Family Winery approached me to photograph their new line of wine in anticipation of their new website and for other marketing collateral.  I had done some minimal product photography before, but working with glass is always tricky and something that I had never tried out before.

When the bottles arrived, I was surprised in the range of sizes and the sheer quantity.  I quickly organized them and inventoried them, setting up a spreadsheet to track what had been shot and in what combinations.

I brought together a very small crew to assist in the studio, cleaning all of the bottles and polishing them, handling them with gloves as to not leave any marks or fingerprints on them.  We lit the bottles from above and both sides, suspending two pieces of vellum to create the elongated shine on both sides of the bottles to give them depth without a heavy reflection.

When it came to photographing them in the boxes, it was difficult to not cast too much light inside of the boxes and blow out the exposure, or still retain visibility of the Bremer Family Winery logo.  Ultimately, I covered my bases by photographing the boxes and the bottles separately, but in the appropriate positions, and then composting the two to create a prefect image.

I did final pass in Photoshop to correct for lens distortion and add a light hint of color grading for a warm, but classy filter of color, and it was ready for delivery to the client.

The Bremer Family Winery were extremely wonderful to work with and even gifted us a few bottles of their prestigious wine.