Habitat Horticulture

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Project Summary

Habitat Horticulture came to me originally seeking some minor maintenance to their website.  After a short time,we migrated their site on to my servers and I began to pick apart the poor work their previous web developer had done.  It became clear that they really needed a solid portfolio to show their beautiful projects, and although they had worked on this previously, their developer hadn’t given them the flexibility or design they needed.  So, they turned to me.

As Habitat Horticulture didn’t want an entirely new site, I would have to work within the confines of the design that was already built, and the around the framework that had been established.  This proved especially challenging when the need to filter between two different category sets was introduced.

I worked with David Brenner, the company’s owner, to establish a style that was updated, but still similar enough to the rest of the site that it didn’t feel out of place.  Project images were now displayed in full screen and scaled responsively to different devices, with deep linking each photo in the set so that Habitat Horticulture’s work could easily be shared to prospects.

We still work together, primarily on small maintenance items on the parts of their site that aren’t dynamic, and through hosting their website.