Heroes and Villains

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Project Summary

Heroes and Villains was a conceptual tabletop game that a friend of mine developed.  It revolves around dynamically creating origin stories of different heroes and villains (the players) based upon player choices and their reactions to random scenarios given to them throughout the course of a game.  By the end, each player’s character has developed a unique story and powers that either define them as a hero or a villain, and chooses their alignment in the final showdown between good and evil.

We had a lot of fun playing some test games as he continued to revise it and add more content and it became clear that he should get at least one professionally made kit to demo the game.  After a brief discussion, I was given free reign to create some prototype boxes and art.  I kept with the superhero theme, taking a comic book style approach and created a “badge” like graphic to suggest an organization of heroes or villains, like the Avengers or Magneto’s crew in X-Men.

The obvious themes of good and evil are reflected by the extreme contrast of black and white, which lends itself well to line art.  Though it may not be obvious in the images here, the hero and the villain on the box are nearly the same shade as the background, but are highlighted with UV Spot Printing, giving them a highly glossy finish while the rest of the box has a matte finish.

  • Client Name Client: Chris D.
  • Date Completed: 07/25/2013
  • Work CategoryProject Type: Branding, Graphics,
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