Improv Battle of the Bands

Lead Image

Project Summary

Oakland is full of crazy events showcasing incredible talent and unique ideas. Just about every day, you can stumble into something weird and beautiful. These things are often served with alcohol to enhance the experience.

When I learned that a battle of the bands where none of the participants had ever met or played together before, and would be playing entirely unique and improvised music, I was ready to help out in any way that I could. Lacking in musical talent (no one needs a less than spectacular trombonist), I lent my photography, photoshop, and web skills.

We set up an impromptu photo-shoot with a couple of lights and friends. Grabbing different instruments, hats, and sunglasses, we hopped in front of the camera and tried our best rockstar poses. I took the images and combined them and made the most obnoxious and loud image I could.

It wasn’t long until everything was together and the site was launched, allowing people to sign up to participate or be a sponsor, as well as storing that information into a sortable database.

I enjoy quick projects like this that I get to work on from start to finish, including the collateral that is used.