J David Ford Construction

Lead Image

Project Summary

J. David Ford was undergoing a website redesign and needed some new images to lead with.  Like most of us, the client wasn’t fond of photoshoots, but understood that it was a necessity.  I promised to make it as quick and painless as possible.

We agreed to meet at a house they had done work on, with permission from the owner, and knock everything out in less than 30 minutes.  Armed with the camera, two lenses, and a handheld reflector, we did just that.

Whenever I have to take photos or portraits, I like to try and create a very natural atmosphere.  In a studio, I’ll walk away from the camera and talk to the subject, snapping photos with a remote while they’re not paying attention.  It’s an easy way to take the pressure off the subject that comes when you put a big lens in their face.  It’s a technique that works well and that people enjoy a lot.  It becomes an experience instead of a chore or an awkward task.

But since we were outside and on the street, in a public place with traffic, it became a little more difficult.  I applied the same technique, but we talked about the surroundings, the buildings and architecture, and a little bit about the history of the area and the work he had done there.  After a short time, it was a natural flow, and I’d snap a few pictures off in bursts whenever it seemed appropriate.

The result was a series of beautiful and friendly photos of J. David Ford, the man himself, which were used on the website.