L’Armoire Consignments

Lead Image

Project Summary

L’Armoire Consignments needs were simple.  They needed a new image, and with it, new photographs to highlight the personality of their staff and the vibe of their store.

We started with a brand new color palette and built everything up from there.  Their new website, new business cards, fonts, and logo were all constructed from that point to build a consistent brand across all of their media.  One thing that was important to them was to find a new audience on the internet.  Though they had a website, it was a standard stock WordPress template and didn’t really present anything about the store or their personality at all.

I worked with them to take new photos and video of their staff and their store, with the intention of capturing the natural and friendly feelings throughout all of their new branding.  We came up with a new color palette, font selections, and even verbiage and slogans.  It was all incorporated into their new website so that could start leveraging their website for their business.