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Project Summary

Neverbound is a pet project of mine. Though I’d prefer not to share the specifics of the project until it’s complete, I can say that it’s focused around travel and adventure, both in urban environments and in the wild of nature. The main focus is to build a strong community around the very human aspects of travel, namely the way that the experiences of travel change you as a person. There are a million stories to tell and no two are alike.

The name comes from the feeling of wanderlust, the draw of always moving, never being bound to one location. At the same time, with the rise of mobile devices, media and stories no longer have to bound to one format or place, lending more to the name.

Ideally, Neverbound will be a brand and destination itself, offering the best tools for everyday travelers and seasoned adventurers to share their stories, ideas, gear, and advice. How it will accomplish those goals in a beautiful and unique way remains under wraps as I continue to work on it whenever I get free time. And to be honest, that’s not very often.