All Asset Recovery Corp.

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Project Summary

I partnered with Diablo Valley Design to deliver an entire new marketing suite and branding to All Asset Recovery Corp.  In addition to SEO and online marketing techniques, we delivered a brand new identity, website, and physical marketing collateral to create a consistent tone and style throughout the company, reflecting the way they do business and the ideal market segments they pursue.

All Asset Recovery helps businesses recover their assets in a variety of circumstances.  When a business needs to get rid of inventory and minimize their financial loss, they can get in touch with AARC.  If a company is moving into a new office or closing up shop, AARC can help recoup money that these companies didn’t realize was available in their office furniture, computers, or anything other assets they might own.

We wanted to create an identity that reflected AARC’s unique business operations, as everything is done in house, which tends to be out of the norm for asset recovery companies.  After a lot of discussion, we learned that their most ideal clients are technology companies or companies that have strong technology backbone, as tech hardware could be recovered and properly recycled with rare elements and materials stripped out and refined.  There is also a need for certified destruction of hardware that may contain sensitive information, of which AARC is licensed to do.

After visiting the All Asset Recovery’s office, I felt I had a strong understanding of who they were, their operation, and the types of clients they wanted to attract.  The two main feelings I wanted to push was the concept of technology and recycling.  I knew immediately that something with a hexagonal silhouette was the direction I wanted to travel, and through a series of iterations, I created a series of 7 logo concepts and presented them to AARC.  In the end, the logo reveals two subtle “A” shapes in the negative space, and one stronger, more pronounced “A” shape in color.  The polygonal texture that is lent by the multicolored triangles reflects technology, but are not lost when the logo is presented as a solid silhouette.  The concept of recycling was stronger and more obvious in the other iterations (which will remain under wraps), but is retained thematically by the repetition of the shapes and the overall symmetry.

We were excited to be able to deliver an entire experience across the board for All Asset Recovery Corp, from their branding to the experience of their website, and tailoring landing pages to lead to higher conversions for them.  Through Diablo Valley Design, I continue to help their conversion rate optimization and provide any branding or marketing materials they might need.