ReelGood Productions

Project Summary

ReelGood was the combination of film and media production efforts of Chris Doornbos and myself.  We created ReelGood Productions after working on a short film together for a 24 hour film festival and decided we wanted to take a chance at registering and building a business together based around the work we loved doing.

We moved to Emeryville and into a live / work loft to try and balance our day jobs and bootstrapping a production company from the ground up.  The next two years were cycles of working all day and coming home and burning through video production work at night.

I created the branding, the website, took all the photos, and worked on all of the videos that ReelGood produced, largely serving as director, cinematographer, and producer.  I worked closely with Chris on all editing and special effects.  Our entire company philosophy was to “create things that you’re proud of,” with a strong focus on creating an atmosphere that inspires.

We worked on corporate videos, short films, and everything in between.  At one point, we even tried to shoot a serialized series, but were unable to finish for a number of reasons.  Ultimately, life has gotten in the way of ReelGood productions, and have forced it to slow down a bit.  However, we still continue to produce media as ReelGood Productions and will come back to it at full force when the time permits.