The Republic

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Project Summary

The California Republic is a vast and beautiful place.  From urban landscapes to incredible mountains and fertile valleys, the state has a lot to offer and even more to explore.  When I came here, it was for opportunity and a chance to be successful beyond what my previous residence had offered me.  What I found was much different than what I imagined.

This is a complex state, with complex problems and complex people.  It truly is a world in its own that has its own energy and culture that seems to change as quickly as it comes.  But if you look hard enough, you can find whatever you’re looking for and find a place to fit in and be comfortable.  The one thing that seems to stay constant here is big ideas and big attempts at doing something.  It is repeated over and over, and it’s obvious why.  Everything here was built on doing the impossible.  Even nature follows that trend.

I’ve always loved the image of the bear on the flag, with the words “California Republic” underneath it, and the history behind those words.  It is tenacious, and big, and brazen, and independent.

And so, what better to represent the state than that iconic bear, and within it, all of the parts of the state and culture than has personally affected me.  As much as this was a simple experiment in repetition, it was an exercise in reflection to my adopted home.