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Project Summary

Retargeter was acquired by Sellpoints in 2015.  At the time, I was working with Sellpoints as an independent contractor tasked with performing maintenance and changing / improving their public facing website.  When it came time to perform those types of operations on Retargeter’s website, I was already in position to handle it.

Since Retargeter was acquired and their team was absorbed by Sellpoints, I was able to keep working with the same team as I was already currently working with.  We made quick moves through a laundry list of immediate fixes, corrections, and legal updates.  After a short time, we were able to start refining the products and services and the flow of user interaction on key funnels of the site.  That’s the fun stuff.

I worked closely with their super talented marketing manager to completely redesign the way their products are presented and how users convert and start their service.  We demolished entire parts of the site and rebuilt them, as was the process with their case studies.  Retargeter has some massive and prestigious clients, and we wanted to showcase them in a fitting way.

This is an ongoing operation and over time, the site will grow and change and by the end of it, will hopefully be almost entirely new and fresh.