Rocket Socks

Lead Image

Project Summary

Rocket Socks came about as a joke between my girlfriend and I, as she has a slight obsession with space and space themed things.  One day, we went on a hunt for socks with little rockets on them.  We visited big box stores, specialty sock shops, and everything in between.  While we did find a few pairs with rockets on them, we didn’t find anything that suited what was in our heads.

It only made sense that we should make some.  But it was decided we’d have to shelve the project until our schedules cleared up a bit more.  To this day, we haven’t found the time to really get busy on creating and designing Rocket Socks, the most awesome socks you will ever wear (in the future)!

Instead, when I had a brief moment of downtime, I created these logo / branding concepts and printed it out in a large poster format as a surprise for her.  Someday we’ll find the time and extra cash to get a few thousand “out of this world” Rocket Socks printed, packaged, and labeled.  Until then, you can find them in your imagination…or something like that.