Small Business Workbench

Project Summary

Small Business Workbench is a product that helps business owners manage their finances, predict cashflow, invoice on time, and manage payroll.  ReelGood Productions was brought on by Brand Design, who was managing Small Business Workbench’s branding and website design, to create a series of introductory tutorial videos and supply a small amount of photography for the site.  I would serve as the producer and director.

We worked with both SB Workbench and Brand Design to create a narrative that followed one business owner through learning how to use the software, educating viewers along the way with easy to understand real world examples.  The budget was tight, and so we relied on a combination of stock video, along with reusable bumpers that we shot showing different devices using the software, with the screen tracked so we could place whatever we wanted there seamlessly.

We were also able to complete our side goal of having Chris Doornbos appear as a nameless model somewhere on a legitimate website.